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Amy Pejkovic “Amy Pejkovic 23 • Aus 🐨☀️💦 High jumper/Adidas • Model • Student SC: amy.p 👻 Chic/Sydney [email protected] • 💌 • TD 💞 📍U.K”

Find her on Instagram: @amypejkovic

Amy Pejkovic

  • Stay close to people who feel like sunlight ..
  • To you
  • When I realised that cocktails were only for arrivals #missedthatboat 🍹 Wearing @bykane_ ❤️ #ralphlaurenfragrances #poloextremeau @ralphlauren
  • Wishing I could be back in Bondi shooting with @stevetakespictures & @rachelsophiemakeup 🌼🍂💐
  • For once I’m ready early and not rushing around like a headless chicken 😅 Thank you @blowbarco #balmian for getting me ready for tonight! #poloralphlaurenfragances #poloredextremeau
  • Yes, I have uploaded this photo a few times. But it is one of my favourite photos! It was one of my first comps back post surgery, and it just reminds me how happy being on the track makes me 😇🌼
  • Hey Sydney, where has that summer sunshine gone? ☀️ Might just go back to Port Douglas 🌻😇
  • Cute pot plant 💐
  • Goooood morning everyone 🐥 I hope everyone has the best day ever!
  • I am thinking of posting more videos to YouTube! I have noooo idea what to do my videos on 🤷🏼‍♀️ any suggestions? I also need to find my camera charger, it went MIA about 5 months ago 😩
  • Thinking of doing a collar bone hair chop 🤨 Thoughts? 🌼
  • Thursday morning session in progress 😇 Then to work, THEN SEEING MY LITTLE SISTER WHO IS HOME AFTER 6 MONTHS IN EUROPE!! @championausnz #championss17 #playlikeachampion

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