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Amy Pejkovic “Amy Pejkovic 23 • Aus 🐨☀️💦 High jumper/Adidas • Model • Student SC: amy.p 👻 Chic/Sydney [email protected] • 💌 • TD 💞 📍U.K”

Find her on Instagram: @amypejkovic

Amy Pejkovic

  • How many versions of the one photo do I have? A lot 😏🌤 #sorrynotsorry #winteriscoming #humpday
  • Fresh highlights and back to a creamier/brighter blonde! Thanks to my favourite 😍@hayden_edwardsandco @_edwardsandco blow dry by @kathleen_edwardsandco 🍏💚
  • GOOD MORNING 😍🍂🌤 @desordreboutique proving the ultimate booty jumpsuit 😏
  • 3 step tedious technical work 🙄 definitely needs a lot of improvement!! Speed and dorsiflexion being the two main concerns 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • A label that gets the homeless off the streets of Melbourne. To do your part - all you have to do is purchase from #BeAHomie ⚡️ 📸 BY @jodypachniuk
  • Super excited to be on board with @holdenaustralia 🚙💨 Thank you for my new Astra!! I can't wait to zip around the city to castings/jobs/training ⚡️I'm already obsessed with it! 😍 @holdenaustralia #letsgothere #sponsored
  • Well, there were a few tears 😭 SAFE TRAVELS BABY SISTER ☀️ Have the best time away, and I cannot wait till you come home!! 7 months and counting 📆 LOVE YOU LONG TIME ❤️ hopefully I can meet you over there 🙃🍸@kaitlynpejkovic
  • ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @adidasau
  • The days of being able to get away with not stretching/rolling are well and truly gone 🙄😕🤕
  • @michelleaznavorian certainly knows how to throw a party 🍸⚡️ Thank you for having me! #mishaxmyer @mishacollection @myer
  • Glam AF thanks to the legend @jo_my_god 😍#mishaxmyer
  • What's up buttercup? Finally got to shoot with @jodypachniuk the legend! ☀️

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