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Carly Nogawski

  • Leaving for Paris today!! This time I’ll be celebrating so many milestones while there😊 My 5 year anniversary, 25th birthday, and the launch of something really special I’m working on with some fellow travel instagrammers (AND I finally get to meet @luluescapes in person!) 😍👏 My heart is so happy!!!
  • Where my mind wanders when stressed ☝️✨ Where is your happy place? 🤗
  • One of my biggest bucket list moments ✨💫 Now tell me, what’s yours!?
  • Golden hour in Dubrovnik ✨💫 Which destinations are on your list for 2018?
I’d love to explore more beaches in Croatia and all over Europe for that matter 🤗
  • Do you see both monkeys in the picture (and no I’m not talking about myself 😆)?! ∘
Monkey Forest is definitely one of my most terrifying but equally amazing memories from Bali 😂 Have you been? They’re so aggressive but still so cute at the same time 🐒
  • Rainbow trees 😍Still can’t get over this day in Kyoto. Something out of a dream!!
  • Hi Mt. Fuji!!! Do you see her? 🗻🍁👀
💮 TRAVEL TIP : From Tokyo, there’s a direct bus to this lake that takes about 1.5 hours for ~$30 USD round trip. What’s funny though is you’re actually lucky if you see the entire mountain and it’s peak (not covered by clouds), so check the weather and plan accordingly! Sometimes people happen to visit on a cloudy day and don’t even see the mountain at all, how crazy!!! 🙈
  • City lights✨💫💥 Which city could you return to over and over again, regardless of how many times you’ve visited?
For me it’s Tokyo and Paris. Every time I leave I still feel like I have so much more left to do and see! 😍
  • Kyoto makes miso happy!!! 😍🍁👘
Isn’t it amazing what nature can create? Loved being surrounded by these rainbow trees!
  • Corners of Kyoto 💮🏮🍁I’m BACK after a little instagram hiatus and I have so many Japan photos to share with you guys 🤗
Traveling is never as glamorous as instagram makes it out to be 🤣 The WiFi in our shoebox AirBnB was unusable & my @skyroamwifi was blocking Instagram for some reason, so I took it as an opportunity to disconnect and I feel so refreshed 🙏 I was so stressed about it at first, but I’m so glad now looking back!!
Instead of refreshing my Instagram feed and scrolling my phone I spent much more time this trip being present, reading books & people watching. I plan to disconnect a lot more in the future 😊
  • Not a green screen!!! 😱Just Japan’s insane fall foliage (I know I can’t stop talking/posting about it, but it has me freaking out every single day 🤣)
Where have you seen the most beautiful seasons? Japan wins for me! Paris in Spring is next on my bucket list 😍🌸
  • Mt Fuji (& other Japan) views with my BDAY BOY!!!! 🎈🎉Everyone meet my BF Aaron @papiconqueso, the most generous, intelligent & hilarious person you’ll ever meet 💑
We’re lucky enough to spend his birthday in Japan this year, one of our favorite countries in the world! We’ve travelled to over 20 countries together and he’s my absolute favorite travel buddy (& human being in general!!😊)
I can’t wait for all our future adventures!! Cheers to this being the 6th birthday we’ve spent together and cheers to all the bdays to come 😊 I️ LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!! Compai my love 🍻💘🍻

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