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Carly Nogawski

  • Pool or Ocean, which do you prefer? I say both 😄🏊‍♀️Thank you @hotelmarmorata for making my decision so easy!! 💧#HotelMarmorata #Sp
  • Miss waking up to this view at the beautiful @hotelmarmorata 💧✨🌊If you're looking for a hotel (and pool) that's located right on the water AND/OR a restaurant that serves homemade, authentic Italian food with these views, then this place should be your go-to when visiting the Amalfi Coast!! 🙌 #HotelMarmorata #Sp
  • My version of heaven!!! 🤗🍕✨
  • My favorite thing about the Amalfi Coast is how they build everything into the cliffs😍No bulldozing here ❌The result are these charming seaside homes and hotels located RIGHT on the water!! 💦
  • Mediterranean hangs with @caseanddrift, my #1 travel companion!! 🏖
  • Weeeeeee 💃 I 💙you Italy!! @tiare_hawaii
Go look at my story to get a @Fayvo.Official tutorial & access my Amalfi Coast recommendations!! 🤗
  • Wish every Saturday looked like this!!! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend 🤗💕
  • HI Friends!!! 👋I've been getting so many requests for travel recommendations lately, especially for the Amalfi Coast, so I'm super excited to announce my partnership with @fayvo.official 🤗 This app is perfect for travelers bc you can make folders of tips and recommendations for every place you travel!! The best thing about it is that it's all photo based, so it's basically like Instagram and TripAdvisor combined 😍If you want to see my Amalfi Coast suggestions (and several other destinations I've been adding daily), go to the link in my bio, download the app & follow me (@light.travels)! Happy travels!! - ❤️Carly #FayvoApp #Sp
👗: @tiare_hawaii #TiareHawaii
  • Who's been to Ravello? My boyfriend @hermz11 and I visited for the first time 3 years ago (before Instagram blew up) and it felt like we'd discovered a hidden Italian paradise that no one knew about yet!! Every walkway was lined with vine-covered walls and lemon orchards and would lead to ancient Italian villas overlooking the ocean 🌊🍃✨3 years later and it was just as beautiful and charming as we remembered 😍Ravello, you are so special!!!
  • The best view in all of Positano!! @lesirenuse definitely lives up to the hype 😍🙌
  • Those Italian details 👌🇮🇹✨
  • Happiest on a boat, in Italy, with lots of 🍕🍕🍕 by my side!!!

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