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Carly Nogawski

  • Missing these Bali days and being surrounded by my @pangeadreams crew!! I've been getting SO many DMs lately about the @pangeadreams retreat I attended in Bali beginning of this year, so I wanted to post and say:
∘ If you’re on the fence- I highly highly recommend!
∘ It helped me so much in terms of photography/content creation, instagram ∘ growth, and working with brands
∘ It’s a huge reason I was able to make a stable career as an influencer/content creator for brands
∘ It will introduce you to the most inspiring network of bloggers and mentors!!
If you’re thinking of going to any of the future retreats, you can use my code CARLYN10 for 10% off! And feel free to comment any additional questions you may have 😊💙 #PDTRBali #PangeaDreams
  • THE most magical travel moment I've ever experienced 🐘✨ Wild elephants drinking out of my plunge pool in South Africa! We had heard from our safari ranger of other guests who witnessed the same thing during their stay, but I never imagined I would be lucky enough to see it too!!
Supposedly during the herd’s migration, they walk miles and miles without water (especially during this heavy drought season), so the elephants fill up on water when passing the lodges. Our ranger said that compared to the water in the watering holes, the pool water is even cleaner and more refreshing to them 😝😍
This was one of those travel experiences that made me determined to explore every inch of this planet! What is your favorite travel memory? I would love to hear!!
For anyone that wants to see the video footage of this, I linked it in my bio!
  • What's your favorite memory from this summer? This is definitely mine!! My boyfriend and I rented a boat in Positano (for only 35 euros!!) & we sailed from town to town along the Amalfi Coast while simultaneously stuffing our faces with pizza 😝🍕
  • Crystal clear 💎🌺💧Where's the clearest water you've ever seen? For me, it's been in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hawaii!
  • Hi insta-friends!! Carly here 🤗👋 Felt compelled to check in & say THANK YOU for all the compassion and support lately!! This was the first time I've turned to insta-stories with health questions & in response I've gotten such an overwhelming amount of concerns, advice, and well-wishes from you over the past weeks! From bee stings to cuts & stitches, you guys have turned into my own personal Web MD -except you all reassure me instead of making me think I'm gonna die (who else self diagnoses crazy diseases using Web MD? 🙈). Anywhooooo I love you all & I'm so happy to connect on this platform!!! Hope you're having an amazing day! 💘
👗: @tiare_hawaii
  • The best medicine there is!! Vitamin sea 🌊✨🐬
  • Who's ridden in a helicopter before? 🙋If so tell me where! I gained such a newfound appreciation for this island after seeing it from a birds eye view. ∘
We began our ride soaring over cascading waterfalls and jungles and then ended with flying over the Na Pali Coast and huge stretches of coral reef 😍
 If you're going to spend the money on a 🚁 ride somewhere, definitely do it in Hawaii!! On other islands you can see active volcanoes too!
  • Meet me where the sky touches the sea 🤗💦✨@sundia_swim
  • Fully intend on chasing the 🌞now that summer's ending 😭I need to head somewhere tropical again next!! My boyfriend and I have so many @expedia points that we've accumulated over our years traveling together so I think Tulum is next for us 🤗
⭐️ Travel Tip: When using booking sites always remember to become a member first since most sites have loyalty programs. Once you've racked up some points, use them where your money will go a long way! Because hotel prices are so affordable in Mexico, I think we have enough points to get our entire hotel stay free! 👏
  • Happy Saturday everyone!! What are your plans for the weekend? Comment below! 👇
I'm going rollerblading in Venice with @travelsizedsmoy & going to the beach in Malibu with @alliejeanie 🤗Long weekends are the best!!
  • Tag a sea turtle lover!! 🐢Definitely my favorite day in Kauai- Swimming with these beauties 😍
I've been so obsessed with sea turtles since my 3rd grade report on them (I know a weird amount of info about them still 😂) so this was a dream! They were so comfortable swimming around me as I watched them eat the algae from the rocks. One time we even locked eyes for a good 5 seconds & then he swam right underneath me, not frightened at all! ∘
I feel so connected to these dinosaurs of the sea (they survived the dinosaur extinction and have been around for over 65 MILLION years!!) Ok I'm done 😂
P.S. I'll be uploading this footage from my swim to YouTube soon! 🎥🐢
  • Today's post is about compassion & gratitude 💘!! I've been practicing gratitude in my daily planner as a morning ritual for about 2 weeks now and it's completely morphing the way I view life. It really makes you realize how many things we overlook and take for granted on a daily basis. Especially with what's happening in the US with Hurricane Harvey, I realize this more now than ever. Please take a minute to donate to all those affected 🙏Anything helps!!! And keep spreading the word and links to donate! I put a link in my bio to make it easy! Also a lot of grocery stores and pharmacies in the US have set up the option to donate when paying with a card. Took just a tap of my finger at Walgreens it was so easy 💙

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