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Carly Nogawski

  • Fruit stands and live music everywhere you turn!! 🍌🎵🍍🎶 I've had a lot of friends and followers ask what my favorite thing to do in Cuba was & my answer is always simple: Strolling the streets of Old Havana! There's so much life, energy, and color around every corner. It's impossible to get bored 🤗
  • The best thing about Cuba? That those👆👆are how you get around!! They may break down a little too often 🤣 (they're about 70 years old), but their good looks make up for it 😍
📸: @ps.ilovefilm
  • Salty toes!!! 👣 In my element. I always feel at home by the water 🙏Where do you feel most at home? 🌊❄️🏝🗻🌵Tell me below!! @fitlifecreation #InfluencerRetreat #Transpire
  • Have you ever visited a place that left you completely inspired? 2 weeks later and I still have Cuba on my mind 💭💭💭I came back from the @fitlifecreation #InfluencerRetreat with a set plan of how to achieve my goals and I've been working nonstop since I got home in LA! Can't wait to share the projects I've been working on 👏
P.S. Just uploaded a new post on a trick that will save you HUNDREDS of travel dollars!! 💰💰Link's in my bio!
  • Pretending she's mine!!!🤣One day I'll live out all my childhood dreams and wake up in a pink house with a pink car. Just wait 😜🎀
  • There's so much more to see in Cuba than just Havana! The town Cienfuegos, just 2 hours outside of Havana, is just as colorful and even more of a time warp!! ✨ Many more photos to come of it's colorful old cars and 1920s style buildings 🤗
  • Investment in travel is an investment in yourself 💜💜💜 Do you agree? These past couple years of travel have shaped me in so many positive ways and I will forever be grateful for those experiences 🙏 It was truly the best money I've ever spent... I don't think I'll ever stop exploring!!
Are you trying to bring positive changes into your life but feel stuck? There's so many different travel experiences that have the power to transform your life!! Click the link in my bio to read more 😊 @fitlifecreation #Transpire
  • Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all my ladies out there!!! 2017 has been the first year I've pushed myself to branch out and I've met SO many inspirational female travelers and bloggers because of it!! You guys give my job so much meaning and motivate me every day to work harder and continue doing what I love. Thank you all for following my adventures and supporting me every step of the way 👯Special shout out to one of my biggest role models out there @thesocialgirltraveler 👆👆👆(hi Jen!!!) Only took me about 2 hours to become best friends with this girl on the @fitlifecreation Influencer Retreat- she's that amazing!!! Everyone go follow her insta/blog/vlogs for daily inspiration 🤗
📸: @ps.ilovefilm
  • Colors of Cuba 🌈Some of my best memories were spent strolling through Havana's colorful neighborhoods, especially as the sun was setting 😍Look at that glow!! ✨ @fitlifecreation #FitLifeCreation #Transpire #InfluencerRetreat
  • What's one place, city, or country that left you a changed person? Cuba will always be remembered as that place for me 💘 The landscapes, the locals, the colors 😍 Words don't even begin to describe... ↣

The workshops I participated in & the people I met during the Influencer Retreat with @fitlifecreation amplified my experiences tenfold. You guys give me purpose and nonstop inspiration!! 😊Thank you @fitlifecreation crew for making me so excited to take on 2017!!! @katrinajuliafit @weekendvoyagers @thesocialgirltraveler
📸: @ps.ilovefilm
  • My kinda pool 💦 I feel instantly at ease when I look at this photo 😍 don't you!? The ocean is so magical here, I'm in awe 🙏
Reflecting on my retreat with @fitlifecreation and feeling so fortunate for the things I learned and the people I met (I miss you all so much, it hurts!!😭). My heart is so full 💙 #FitLifeCreation #InfluencerRetreat #Transpire
  • Time warp is real people 🙊All you gotta do is travel to Cuba!! 😍🚘✨ #FitLifeCreation #InfluencerRetreat #Transpire
📸: @the_wandering_dreamer (wifi is SO limited in Cuba!! So many more photos to come🤗)

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