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Ellie-Jean Coffey “Ellie-Jean Coffey Australian. Professional Surfer & Model. Sponsors: Billabong, SurfStitch, Von Zipper, Shapers & Simmo Boards. Work: [email protected] youtu.be/fg1kj0E93JA”

Find her on Instagram: @elliejeancoffey

Ellie-Jean Coffey

  • 😘 @fashionnova
  • @4ocean…You are amazing. If you guys haven’t heard, @4ocean is actively cleaning our oceans and coastlines every single day! They offer these recycled bracelets that help fund their cleanups. 1 bracelet = 1 pound of trash removed from the ocean. #4ocean #4theocean
  • Travelling with you is fun @hollydazecoffeyyy @jomiebikini @ryzphoto @cobyperkovich
  • Hands up if you like the beach 🙌🏼 @bondisands #bondisands
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  • Happy birthday to me @bonnieloucoffey @rubyleecoffey @tacoolabikini
  • There’s always that one crazy friend 😂 @rebornlashboutique @bonnieloucoffey @rubyleecoffey  @hollydazecoffeyyy
  • Sailing across the sun @bondisands

@clash.studio @holbellmua
  • Sisters before misters @labangbody
@thesocial.agnecy #labangbody
Photo: @clash.studio MU @holbellmua
  • Most of the time I love surfing, but occasionally I get frustrated with my performance (and lack thereof) 🤣🤣🤣
  • We loved Bali, but we don’t know where to travel next!! Comment below!
  • When you first meet her and think she’s innocent and sweet vs when you get to know her and realise she’s crazy! Happy Halloween, Puddin’s! 🎃 @hannahmareemua #happyhalloween

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