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Ellie-Jean Coffey “Ellie-Jean Coffey Australian. Professional Surfer & Model. Sponsors: Billabong, SurfStitch, Von Zipper, Shapers & Simmo Boards. Work: [email protected] youtu.be/fg1kj0E93JA”

Find her on Instagram: @elliejeancoffey

Ellie-Jean Coffey

  • Eve, I too would have been very curious as to what the forbidden fruit tasted like 🍎🐍 @juan_medina_jcm
  • "Your ΓΌber is outside..." πŸ“Έ @juan_medina_jcm
  • I come from the land down under
  • Comment with song lyrics that fit this photo and I'll follow the winner (my favourite) @torilevett @elliejeancoffey @hollydazecoffeyyy
  • A, B, or C? @torilevett @elliejeancoffey @hollydazecoffeyyy @balibody
  • Where is the best wave in the world comment below πŸ„πŸΌ @juan_medina_jcm
  • I'm sorry for pushing you in the pool...kind of @hollydazecoffeyyy
  • Thanks for always putting up with my crazy ass @hollydazecoffeyyy
  • A storm is coming @hollydazecoffeyyy
  • 😘
  • Happy International Women's Day again! Tag your favourite woman @hollydazecoffeyyy
  • Happy International Women's Day πŸ’•

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