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Isabela Moner “isaaaa 👅 14 yr old singer/actress/casual youtuber @isabelamoner = my username for everything💖”

Find her on Instagram: @isabelamoner

Isabela Moner

  • and the cavs and indians are making history in my hometown! share the positivity πŸ’ž
  • pt 1 of my ET lookin ass
  • got me like a-a-a-ow
  • brother bear
  • had the honor of working with this wise guy in @middleschoolmovie πŸ”₯
s/o to the funky lip bite smile I'm doin
  • aware that in the moment, coincidence was mistaken for irony. Thank u v muchπŸ’•
  • my love of heights is greater than my fear of falling, sorry mom
  • now imagine it being said in an English accent
  • doesnt look like it here, but i was actually in love with london .
  • #tb to new york comic con for Legends of the Hidden Temple coming November 26th on Nickelodeon!
  • new guitar !
  • dude, novelas are my faaaavorite

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