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Isabela Moner “isaaaa 👅 14 yr old singer/actress/casual youtuber @isabelamoner = my username for everything💖”

Find her on Instagram: @isabelamoner

Isabela Moner

  • I've worn this sweatshirt almost every day for 2 weeks straight out of guilt for paying $70 for it. I didn't check the price tag so when the lady rung it up, I felt all this guilt cuz I assumed it wouldn't be abnormally priced, pulled out the credit card, and shed a silent tear ! naps in the middle of the day are fantastic #couldabeen3meals
  • I told him to look normal
  • If you ladies don't make sure your booty looks cute in photos, then you're lyingπŸ˜‚
  • 😯
  • I've got a bada$$ mom. that is all. #kitkat
  • definitely had the hottest date at the MTV after party 🌷
  • too good not to post πŸ˜‚πŸ­
  • "What do you mean,
he's just intimidated by me?"
  • I think my favorite part about sharing my passions on social media, is getting to see others'. I can see art that people created from different continents! 
I'm OBSESSED with this sketch @aciots πŸ’“ so cute
  • this dude and I were just two kids who started on broadway, doing cabaret shows at small venues in NYC. I'm so proud!!! Kinda mad you're taller than me now tho, then again everyone is  @therealcalebmclaughlin
  • not over it tho @djkhaled πŸ”‘
  • this dude... @danrue

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