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Jenna Jade “Through rose colored glasses Jenna | 22 | Goofball | Camgirl |¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 💖 Twitter: @cosm1clove”

Find her on Instagram: @jenna_jadecb

Jenna Jade

  • I'm excited to be going home but also really sad to be leaving my melon head 💕🍉
  • Hand bras are the best bras
  • Hi!
  • If you wanna keep up with me or see noodz, I've got twitter too 🙀 @ jennajadecb
  • Trying to post here more often, hi 👋
  • Hiiiiiiii I'm online btw 💕
  • If you've missed me, here's a nerdy shot of my face ft pizza grease on my shirt 😎
  • Not gonna let rude comments keep me from posting this really special moment of 2016. Thank you to everyone who's supported me this year, and here's to an even better 2017. 🎉
  • It's a butt 🌝
  • Mmmm a late Christmas gift from @mmbinnc
  • Hi 😇
  • Was doing a trial run on these pasties before AVN 😜

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