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Jenna Jade

  • After months of hate, getting literally so many negative comments that I had to disable commenting, it feels so good to be getting these kinds of emails and be in my own place starting fresh 😊
  • This AM
  • If u don't prop your leg up out of laziness when putting on lotion, ur playing yourself
  • Still probably the best video I've ever taken in my life
  • Angles
  • Where would I be without ripped jeans and men's t shirts 💣
  • 👋 @penthouse
  • I came across a quote earlier that said "I hope one day you're as happy as you pretend to be" and realized that social media (and sometimes normal day to day life) is mostly just putting on a front and pretending things are fine when they're not, pretending that perfect angle or filter is what you actually look like... none of us eat gourmet meals at restaurants every day, none of us are on a constant vacation, none of us have perfect relationships without any turbulence, yet that's what we post. I'm here to show you that my life is not perfect, I have gone through my fair share of struggles especially within the last year that I have only been somewhat open with, yet every day I take perfectly angled photos of myself with makeup and filters (unless labeled differently) and people see them and assume that is my reality. This year I opened up about finding out that I was bipolar, I got out of a long term relationship and moved across the country overnight, I made friends and lost friends, I searched for love and didn't find it until I wasn't looking anymore, I went through so much stress that my hair suffered, and I had to get a lot of it cut off/a lot of it just came out. It is my biggest insecurity, something I hide every day with hair extensions. Right now my hair is almost back to normal and healthy, but is still much shorter than I'd like it to be. So here's the me you don't get to see. Talking to my great hair stylist after having a crying fit in my car earlier this morning, wearing ripped jeans, vans, a men's long sleeve shirt, barely any makeup on, with hair extensions freshly taken out.  Please don't ever look at pictures on social media and take them for face value. Nobody looks like that, nobody's life is that perfect, nobody has it together. Neither should you. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  • Bed head 😜
  • "Omg Jenna ur my dream girl, ur so sexy, so beautiful, such an angel, I can't believe u wake up looking like that" 
Actually me:
  • Mood: (angry piglet)
  • "Love doesn't just sit there like a stone, 
It has to be made 
Like bread; remade all the time, made new"

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