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Lyv Alekzandra “Lyv Alekzandra 📍 YYZ – YOW Makeup Artist • Hairstylist • Events Lacking what they call a Filter #underground6ix

Find her on Instagram: @littleweefox_

Lyv Alekzandra

  • I'm a little early but whatever. 
Happy birthday kitten. 
@jamescameronback ❤️ To the days before you were a @thedimeonqueen boyyyy ⚡️
  • Bounce Back
  • Devil underneath your grin, sweet thing, but she plays to win, heaven gonna hate me
  • Life of little wee fox

First morning post facial at @skinhealthclinic 
@littlebee4444 killed it!
  • She's perfect : no other place I'd rather be
  • A year ago.... @dhyn3s 
  • Crawling underneath my skin, sweet talk with a hint of sin...⚡️
  • Hanging with the kids

  • Papi brings the weekend car out.
  • To be impulsive or not to be.....
  • Holes in the wall and the used kind of night ☝🏻️🌙
  • Reminder

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