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Lyv Alekzandra “Lyv Alekzandra 📍 YYZ – YOW Makeup Artist • Hairstylist • Events Lacking what they call a Filter #underground6ix

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Lyv Alekzandra

  • Back at it again.
  • I got too much on my plate to have some shit that I don't need
  • My mother's personal little  doll
  • Cause you know I don't chase, I replace 'em
  • I miss this weekend
  • I dont feel drunk but my face feels heavy #singlemeg @megankvetko
  • Pretty sure this is how my best friends feel about me but I could be wrong... (Unlikely)
  • Fucking blessed to have @megankvetko in my life ,😘 future travel buddy
  • When the relationship is strong but he's silently judging you
  • Doll like tendencies
  • It was like I was a teenager all over again tonight. 
My heart is so happy..
  • I'm backkkkkk

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