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Malia Manuel “Malia Manuel Kaua’i ❥• professional surfer Live simply. Be real. Enjoy nature. Gratitude & Love ∞ [email protected]

Find her on Instagram: @maliamanuel

Malia Manuel

  • oh hey @darcysharpe 👋🏼😘
  • 🌈🌈🌈Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one who finds the gold💫
  • thank you Honolua until next time 🌈✨
  • 🌸🌸🌸what a week!!! congrats @stephaniegilmore👑 and @tylerwright 🏆🏆 pleasure to witness your ripping and happy to share some good times this trip on maui wowie. thanks @elihanneman for caddying again this year and everyone for the messages🙏🏼❤️
  • riding nature’s energy yesterday 🌊🙏🏼 @magsymooo @magsymooo @magsymooo
  • •making lemonade by @surfline @sanuk • thank you for the nice article! It’s been a year of unveiling truth; even though I was forced to take more time away from surfing than ever I’ve been lucky to fill my heart in other ways::: If you feel like reading about my road to recovery the link is in my bio 🌸 •••also••• I’m not the best at expressing love and personal life on social media but who is not mentioned in the article and deserves a big thank you is @darcysharpe - I’ve learned a lot about life since meeting you. Thanks for taking me on adventures and making me laugh 24/7. Grateful for you❤️
  • 224 miles away from home driving a wrangler::: I think I qualify as a tourist 😸 @jeep #partner
  • good vibes from maui🌈✨✌🏼
  • Happy to announce my athlete partnership with @JEEP along side some other awesome humans. 2018 is gonna be exciting!! There’s some incredible events added to our Tour next year, including @kswaveco, Bali, and South Africa 🙏🏼 what a time to be alive 🌊💙🙌🏼 #ad
  • Sneaky spontaneous trip to 🇨🇦 in between swells🌊 and just so happened to be around for @whistlerblackcomb opening day to log in my 7th day ever riding ❄️😜 I love my mountain friends. Good to see you guys 💕 @darcysharpe
  • 💛💛💛@darcysharpe always eating something and I’m always laughing at something. Thanks for capturing us in our element @erinhogue
  • From yoga to surf and everything in between with comfort. @sanuk Chiba Quest out now👣 #smilepassiton

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