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Malia Manuel “Malia Manuel Kaua’i ❥• professional surfer Live simply. Be real. Enjoy nature. Gratitude & Love ∞ [email protected]

Find her on Instagram: @maliamanuel

Malia Manuel

  • Get well soon Sparky ❤ thinking about you & your family. Sending strength and love to ya ✨🙏 @markmcmorris
  • Peace Goldy, until next time🙏
  • Grateful 🙏🙌💙 @coconutcomradery
  • 🍃🍃🍃 Photo: @coconutcomradery
  • Storm surf 💙 @magsymooo
  • My Snapper run was short lived but very blessed to be able to enjoy a few waves out there solo & excited for the rest of this Aus leg 🙏✨ Photo/ Vid by @WSL & @magsymooo
  • Didn't stand up too many times in my heat this morning but this one was fun hahaha 🙏🎥 @wsl
  • This wave pretty much sums up our friendship. Crazy, fun, bumpy, getting through obstacles together and in the end we laugh @xococoho 
Thanks for the capture @peterkingphoto
  • Post surf bliss 💙
  • Great night celebrating and acknowledging our 2016 season. Looking forward to this week and starting my 6th year on Tour🙏
  • New boards at a great wave is like heaven on Earth 
Video: @stacegalbraith
  • Found Peace in the Midst of Chaos ✨🙏 Photo: @juan_medina_jcm

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