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Malia Manuel “Malia Manuel Kaua’i ❥• professional surfer Live simply. Be real. Enjoy nature. Gratitude & Love ∞ [email protected]

Find her on Instagram: @maliamanuel

Malia Manuel

  • Girls night before taking off again ✈️ @hydroflask #liverefreshed
  • Home for a minute 💜💜💜 @tamboracai
  • Getting styled up by @lo_wheelerdavis at her beautiful salon @wheelerdavis_salon 💇🏽💇🏽💇🏽
  • Until next year Lowers 🖤
Photo: @jimmicane
  • Couple waves from Trestles 🙂
🎥 @stacegalbraith
  • 🏄‍♀️ @jimmicane
  • #laseraway @laseraway ✔️
🙏🏼 @ana_padaratz
  • Happy days☀️ @jimmicane
  • Memories from my time away from the ocean. I didn't think I would be as grateful as I am not being able to do the thing I love the most. I enjoyed experiencing a life outside of surfing and I'm looking forward to getting back to my fun reality of being on Tour next week🙏🏼
  • Happy to be feeling good again! Surfing without a brace and excited for the rest of the year in the ocean💫🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @kswaveco @toddglaser
  • Kaua'i summers call for a whole lot of @tamboracai 💜🌱🍍
Photo: @coconutcomradery
  • Back worshiping the sun and ocean full time ✨🙏🏼 Photo: @coconutcomradery

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