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  • On vacation and were still pushing my deficit and training just as hard. Why? Because I love what I do, and I don’t suffer while leaning out.
I think this is huge and a lot of people don’t realize that there is life beyond dieting when your leaning out, that you can enjoy life and vacation and be human!
I’m still eating at restaurants, I just bring my scale and order wisely. I still go out and enjoy the place I am visiting and people I’m with. If you feel like your dying, you need to look at why. It SHOULDNT be like that, EVER! ❤️💕
  • Super nice to meet this gal and fellow teammate @taychayy today at @thefitexpo. Got to have a great chat about some different aspects of competing. Such an awesome inspiration, and someone who I definitely look up to in the industry for everything she’s accomplished and stands for! 💕 #teamtongstrong
  • Florida we have arrived 🤗❤️ going to be at @thefitexpo here in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow and Sunday! 🏝
  • you know it was a solid leg day when you have a sweat stain from your knee sleeve 😂💦 plus it was high carb day 🍞 ... PLUS I'm going to Florida tomorrow ☺️❤️ Life is good and I'm full of gratitude!
  • Don't neglect your rear delts! 👊🏻
This is a muscle that is great to grow if you suffer with poor posture aka forward shoulders, and want to pull back/round your shoulders out. However it's a relatively small muscle so it can be hard to engage in compound exercises, which is why isolated rear delt exercises are a good thing to add into a shoulder day, with LOW weight and higher reps to make sure the muscle stays engaged. 🔑

Some of my fav exercises for rear delts include...
➡️ reverse pec dec (shown here)
➡️ reverse cable flies
➡️ bent over lateral raises
  • I see a lot of people in the fitness industry post captions that say "it's okay to take breaks, it's okay to have balance, etc." and while I agree with the overall message of being human/listening to your body I also believe that this can promote taking shortcuts.
What if when you think your being too hard on yourself your actually selling yourself short? in times of stress rather than opting out, realize that in all actuality you'll probably be perfectly OKAY to fight through and not take that shortcut or break. Your strength is there. Isn't it more gratifying to know you didn't stop?
If there's one thing bodybuilding has been teaching me it's that I am a lot stronger than I believed myself to be. Where I though I'd reached my limit I created new limits, where I thought I'd break, I surpassed my own mental "breaking" points. Without shortcut or excuses. I now see potential in myself in all situations and this is just the beginning.
Moral of the rant, don't sell yourself short. Your stronger than you think. 💪🏻
  • Hitting shoulders the other day ❤️ barbell shoulder press (aka. standing military press) - a solid exercise for shoulders that engage the core. I'd also recommend it for someone new to the gym as the barbell helps stabilize the movement a bit. For me, I will do this on shoulder days as a quick warmup!
Leggings by @celestialbodiez 😍
  • got a solid back/shoulder pump in today from my high carb day yesterday, never seen my delts look like this and feeling as though the work I've been putting in with my coach @nicktongstrong is starting to really show. 👊🏻 but with the physical changes I'm learning more than ever that the physical is just an exterior result. it's everything behind that which is where the real pay off lies. #grateful
  • I once read a quote that said something along the lines of "mans greatest mistake is giving up what he wants most for what he wants now," and it is something I keep in the back of my head on days where things are hard. 👊🏻 #noexcuses

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