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MuehlenbeckPIA MUEHLENBECK ▪️ Founder of SLINKII & Finding The Finer ▪️ GRAZIA Market Editor ▪️ Model, Law Grad, Nerd 🖖 #womensbest ▪️ 22 MGMT. My website: www.piamuehlenbeck.com.au

Find her on Instagram: @piamuehlenbeck

Pia Muehlenbeck

  • Sunday done right 🍸 @aperolspritzau | @thewinerysurryhills | @brookenashhh
  • This set coming to the store super soon.💫 @slinkii - what colour wave would you like to see next from our eco friendly fabric? 🐢🐬🐠
  • I still can’t work out how this dress was made! 😍
  • 🎆
  • Ladies! New drop on @slinkii 🐬🍉💦🐠
  • I wore this outfit on Saturday, and I’ve never had so many DM’s on Snapchat about where it’s from! ☀️ The dress is from Rat and Boa, and the specs are from my local market.🐬 ps. Yes, that is a BBQ on the back of the boat… 🔥 What!? 😂 #safetyFirst
  • If you follow my vlogs (link in bio!) you’ll know Kane is working with @trivettclassicBMW, and we’re currently shooting the new BMW X3. 🚙 In retrospect we probably shouldn’t have chosen the hottest day of the year to go take shots near the beach, so we ended up having a car-nic (picnic in the boot!) instead, because it was the only place we could sit in the shade! 🍉 I’m also trying to convince them to do a giveaway because I know you lurrrrve my competitions, so stay tuned! 😉
  • ☀️ suns out... 😜 wearing @slinkii 👙
  • Restocked! 🙌 My @slinkii eco-friendly bikinis 👙 Made from reclaimed fishing nets, helping ocean cleanup!💦🐠🐢🐬👏 LINK IN BIO
  • Happy New Years Eve! 💫 My make up look for tonight is live on my channel if you need some inspiration! 👄 LINK IN BIO 👏@glambymanicare fireworks 🎆 #piaforglam 🍷#anytimeisglamtime 🌟
  • New vlog from @cactimicasa is up on my YouTube channel. 🌵 LINK IN BIO to watch 💫(wearing @slinkii everything!)
  • 🌟 3 days til New Years Eve! 💫

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