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Rachel Faulkner

  • as much as I love to be silly and goobery there's always been something so personal and beautiful to me in doing dark, moody editorial work. (& also in wearing overalls) GET CHU A GIRL THAT CAN DO BOTH lol jk 🐶
  • a few days ago I had a vote for favorite photo on Snapchat and this was the #1 photo you all chose from my recent shoot with @dope 🤗 I'm scheming up some new new for 2017 and I want you guys to be a big part. What do y'all want to see more of this year? And what artists do you want to see me working with and brands shooting for?! Tag them below xoxo
  • dis me in mah natural habitat: v nerdy, v goofball and v happy 🤓😋 sn: I think yellow may be my new fav color 📸@jessicapomerantz
  • the most amazing souls 😍🤗 so these ladies and I crashed a wedding today on @arsenic Snapchat...110% out of my comfort zone but we did it y'all!! 😳😂 Will never forget this day and the little old lady who came up to us and not only told me my dress was too long (jokes 😅) but her life story as a holocaust survivor and a lady boss 🙏#weddingcrashers
  • why is it that ever since I've gotten bangs whenever I see other fellow bang babies we're instant bff's lolol it's like GIRL OMG I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING THRU BAE 😂😭 kinda almost like when a Prius driver drives by another Prius driver and they do the Prius nod 😂😂😂 📸@cannonfoster 👙@sadierayswim
  • no pants 2017...who's with me?! 😜🤓 cc: @dope @jamiefraiche
  • new hair, who dis?
🙈✂️ @naomisz
  • we were a perfect match, that's why we burned so fast
  • trying to stay tranquil amidst the madness that is the holidays 🙃 @sadierayswim -- @corywwright

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