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Sofie Bording

  • Tonight, I saw a man on TV stating that you could cognitively program your brain into becoming more optimistic, merely by increasing your focus on smily faces. 
So here we are. Smiling. Increasing optimism 😃❤️
  • Reposting this because I miss waking up with you
  • Girls girls girls ❤️
  • KATE 👸🏼
  • 🌙✨
  • 🌹
  • I’m on the cover of this month’s @nord_magasinet 💫😃
  • Your hand is my favorite to hold
  • Straight after my first ever IPL-laser treatment in collaboration with @kliniknage 💃🏼 I’ve got a little bit of ‘Spider veins’ so when I do wear makeup it’s to cover up those. I’ve been considering this treatment for a long time, and now I finally did it 🙌🏼 #nomakeup 👊🏼

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Sofie Bording “Copenhagen Business School, HApsyk – Denmark, UNIQUE MODELS – Belgium, Dominique Models – Germany, Modelwerk”

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