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JerkDolls is a collection of hardcore porn games where you will enjoy interactive adult gaming from all the main categories, including celebrity sex games.

Hardcore Porn Gaming On JerkDolls
Every now and then we find an Easter Egg in the adult entertainment world and this time it comes in the form of hardcore adult games. In this article we will talk more about the hottest xxx gaming website of the moment, which is coming with games from all categories, ready to satisfy all the kinks and fantasies you might have. I’ve been having fun with this site for a while before having to write this text, so I can tell you all about my experience both as a gamer and as a reviewer. Read all about the JerkDolls sex games in the following paragraphs.

Enhanced Customization For All Your Celebrity Fantasies
Since we’re dealing with mostly celebrity crushes on this site, we must talk about your chances to fuck your most beloved actresses and singers in the interactive games of JerkDolls. The collection of this site is coming with so many games in which the characters you will be fucking can look like celebrities. On the one hand, you can play the games which are coming with character skins based on celebrities. So many famous hot babes are available here, including Scarlet Johannsson, Beyonce, Emma Watson, or Jennifer Lawrence. In some games, you will enjoy movie star babes as the characters that made them famous, such as Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, Rey from Star Wars or Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

But the games of JerkDolls will give you the chance to have fun with any celebrities, no matter if they have a character skin in the games or not. That’s because some of these games are coming with enhanced character customization, meaning that you can recreate any babe in the world. You can change things about their body type and curves, facial features, skin tone, hairstyle and outfits. And with the online 3D sex games of this collection, they will actually look real.

An Inclusive Games Collection For Everyone
What I love the most about the collection of JerkDolls is the fact that it comes with games for everyone. No matter what your fantasy is, you will find the right game for an intense orgasm. There are dating simulators and sex simulators, there are girlfriend experience games, and you can even enjoy some fetish games with pregnant characters, dominant women, matures or sexy teens.

Another great thing about this site is the fact that it offers games for all players, regardless of their sexuality. You will find the hottest gay porn games of the moment on this site. No matter how you like your cute boys, you will enjoy them on JerkDolls. There are twink games and jock games, there are gay dating simulators and even games in which you can turn straight boys gay for a night. At the same time, the site also comes with a nice collection of trans games, in which you can enjoy hot adventures with trans men and women in all stages of their transition.

All in all, this is the ultimate adult gaming site of the moment. And the fact that every single game here is available for free play is amazing. There is no registration and no hidden charge on JerkDolls. Just free gaming for everyone, no matter if you choose to play the games on the computer or on your mobile device. Get on JerkDolls tonight and enjoy all this hardcore gaming for free. Our recommendation is to play them on the computer, because the graphics are just too good not to be enjoyed on a decently sized screen which will give you a more immersive experience.